Let’s JMP – Part 3: Horizon

In this part I will guide you through the steps for installing and configuring a basic Horizon environment.


The component with a red square is installed and configured in this part.

Prerequisites & Assumptions

Before installing Horizon, I assume you already have your virtual machine up and running with the correct hardware requirements for Horizon Connection Server and the Windows Server OS deployed, configured and domain joined. Just make sure you use a supported Windows Server OS for the installation of Horizon Connection Server.

Installing Horizon

Double click VMware-viewconnectionserver-x86_64-7.1.0-5170113.exe
If you receive a User Account Control message, click Yes
Click Next
Select I accept the terms in the license agreement and click Next
Click Next  
Leave the defaults and click Next
Type a password for Enter data recovery password and Re-enter password and Enter password reminder (optional) if you want that and click Next
Select Configure Windows Firewall automatically and click Next
Select Authorize a specific domain user or domain group and type an existing domain user name or domain group name and click Next
Select Participate anonymously in the user experience improvement program if you want that and click Next
Click Install
Horizon Connection Server is being installed
Select Show the readme file if you want that and click Finish

Configuring Horizon

Open your favorite web browser with Flash enabled and go to [https://vmwcs01.lab.local/admin](https://vmwcs01.lab.local/admin) Click ADVANCED and click Proceed to vmwcs01.lab.local (unsafe)
Enter User name and Password and click Log In
Click Edit License
Enter a valid (trial) License serial number and click OK
Open View Configuration and click Servers Under the vCenter Servers tab, click Add
Enter for Server address Enter [administrator@vsphere.local](mailto:administrator@vsphere.local) for User name Enter Password and click Next
Click View Certificate
Click Accept
We want to use instant clones later on, so select Do not use View Composer and click Next
Leave the defaults and click Next
Click Finish  
The vCenter Server has been added to the Horizon configuration Click Instant Clone Domain Admins
Click Add
Type Admin for User name Type Password and click OK
The Instant Clone Domain Admin has been added

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