HOWTO: Add and configure an Imprivata virtual demo appliance on ESX (vSphere)

Step 1 – Download the Imprivata virtual demo appliance

Download the Imprivata virtual demo appliance from the Imprivata support site (credentials needed).

Step 2 – Upload the VMDK and VMX

Upload the VMDK and the VMX file to a folder on the datastore. From the datastore, add the VMX file to the inventory.

Step 3 – Starting the Imprivata virtual demo appliance

After starting the Imprivata virtual demo appliance in ESX, you come across this error: “Failed to open disk scsi0:0: Unsupported or invalid disk type 7. Ensure that the disk has been imported.


Step 4 – Enable SSH on ESX

Enable SSH on the ESX server and execute the following command.

Step 5 – Convert the VMDK to the newest virtual hardware format

vmkfstools -i /vmfs/volumes/datastore/virtual_machine_folder/virtual_machine.vmdk /vmfs/volumes/datastore/virtual_machine_folder/new_virtual_machine.vmdk -d thin

Step 6 – Reconfigure the VM configuration

Remove the disk from the VM configuration and remove the current disk. Attach the new disk to the VM configuration.

Remove the network adapter and add a new network adapter of type E1000.

Step 7 – Start the Imprivata virtual demo appliance

The Imprivata virtual demo appliance will now start without any errors mentioning the virtual hard disk and/or the network.

Ivan de Mes

Ivan de Mes

Ivan de Mes works as an EUC Solution Architect for Login Consultants in The Netherlands. Ivan has over 19 years of experience in delivering workspace solutions at large customers in banking, health care, education and others.

In 2017, 2018 and 2019, Ivan was rewarded with the VMware vExpert status. In 2018 and 2019 Login VSI rewarded Ivan with the Login VSI Technology Advocate status.


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